Commissions open + Gumroad! — catacatacaka

Hello, all! How are you? Just a quick update for now: I’m open for commissions for icons, phone wallpapers and small portraits on my ko-fi page! If you’re from the Philippines, local payment methods are available too! Please go to this page for more details! Tips are also very welcome! I also opened a Gumroad […]

Commissions open + Gumroad! — catacatacaka

please check out this art~

List of Native-Owned Companies by Native Lux

Ever wondered where you could buy actual REAL native apparel, jewelry and more made by actual natives? Check out this list♡

Native Lux

Hey guys,

IT’S BACK!!! The list of native-owned companies! Ranging from FASHION, CLOTHING, MUSICIAN, AUTHORS, HEALTH & BEAUTY. I hope this list has been helpful for everyone last year. We need to show our support for Native businesses. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #BUYNATIVE and #SUPPORTNATIVEBUSINESSES The list will be updating every few days with native designers keep that in mind please 🙂

NativeLuxHolidayListFashion/ Clothing/ Hats & Accessories 

  1. Ginew
  2. OXDX Clothing
  3. Section 35
  4. VOSQ Clothing
  5. The NTVS
  6. Urban Native Era
  7. B. Yellowtail
  8. Santiago X
  9. Maya Stewart
  10. Patricia Michaels
  11. Reclaim Your Power
  12. Eighth Generation
  13. Sho Sho Esquiro (On IG)
  14. Dorothy Grant
  15. Summer Peters (On IG)
  16. Korina Emmerich
  17. Jamie Okuma
  18. Beyond Buckskin (Boutique Shop)
  19. Aconav
  20. Shy Natives
  21. Shayne Watson Designs (On IG/ FB)
  22. Vernan Kee
  23. Can’t Fail Designs
  24. Emily Tyrrell (On IG)
  25. Ishkiin (On IG)
  26. Un3ek Sy5tems
  27. Indigenous Goddess Gang
  28. Indigenous Enterprise
  30. Apache Hat…

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Hello all. Just wanted to let you know my self-hosted blog is up and running!

I’m so happy since it was pretty cheap. The only problem is I posted too much on this site and it’s really confusing and difficult to get everything from here onto my new one since I can only upload a small file lol.

Anyways, expect to see me posting on there now and not on here. I will be attempting to migrate my subscriptions onto my new blog, but if I can’t move some of you onto there, then you can just go over and follow either by email or bloglovin!

Hopefully I can get everything back to normal and you can interact with me like usual. For now, just follow my ig @soyvirgos for updates! Thanks!

Find me at

MARCH: The month to get things done!



Anyways, I just wanted to make a list of things to do this month. Usually March seems like a boring month, sorry March babies. What do you guys do on this month? Any holidays you celebrate?

Here’s some things I plan to do, or want to do in March.

(this post includes affiliate links!)

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Being a single 20 year old virgin and why it’s cool!

Hey, so I’m not a virgin ((but I basically was 19 and a virgin, I just quickly had sex for my 20th b-day)) so …sorry for being a fake lol!

If you’re still single in college, don’t worry! Being single is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed of, you’re more strong and brave to have been able to hold out for so long! Many people have realized this, but if you’re still going through peer pressure or going through countless relatives being on your back about not having a partner, don’t sweat it! Do not let the pressure get to you if you’re not ready! I was just the same and so many other people are in the same boat too. I know you may not feel like there’s anyone who know’s what you’re going through, but just know there are plenty of people out there who have never had their first kiss. You can be one of the few people who make being single cool if you just be honest with yourself and show how happy you are without doing what everyone else does. I’m now 22 and have had my first boyfriend at 20, but if it wasn’t for the internet, I would most likely have been a single 20 year old virgin today (LOL).

Let me tell you why being in a relationship isn’t a priority, why being a virgin is cool and why twenty is a good age to still not have any experience in love, sex, hand holding, kissing and all that jazz! soyvirgo_singleandcool

(P.s, i know it says on some of my posts but i… i hope no one takes that domain if you do, you’re mean. Also, this is a long post and if you read it all, consider me your bae, your boo, your bestie, your binch and whatever else you wanna call me cuz I give you permission to. )Read More »